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A Florida jury found the maker of drug patches which release pain medication (fentanyl) responsible for the wrongful death of a mother of five who was using the Duragesic patches. The 34-year-old…

Shannon Weidemann

AIDS Drug Contains Carcinogen

An AIDS drug manufactured by Pfizer contains a human carcinogen due to an effect of the manufacturing process. Viracept is not being recalled but a warning letter is being issued to doctors. A similar drug manufactured in Europe by Roche Ltd. was recalled. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said, however, that some patients might already have been exposed to EMS levels higher than what…

Shannon Weidemann

Infusion Drug Pump Recall Expanded

In April Baxter announced it was recalling infusion drug pumps that were not working properly. The defective drug pumps could possibly shut down and stop delivering medication to a patient. All of the recalled pumps were reported to be fixed. Baxter announced this week that some of the pumps may not have been properly serviced. The company last month recalled 534 of the pumps after it…

Shannon Weidemann

Toothpaste Made in China Recalled

The FDA has issued a warning and recall for toothpaste made in China. The recalled products may contain diethylene glycol, which is an ingredient found in antifreeze. It may cause kidney or liver damage if consumed in large quantities. 5 ounce tubes of Colgate that were made in China or Africa have now been added to the recall list. Miller says the Colgate recalled was made in Africa or…

Shannon Weidemann

Device Used for Sleep Apnea Recalled

A type of flow generators used for Sleep Apnea have been recalled by the FDA. Over 300,000 units manufactured by ResMed Inc. have been recalled. The device could short circuit at the power supply connector. ResMed said patients can continue to use S8 flow generators until they receive a replacement unit but should immediately discontinue using the device if there are any signs of electrical…

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New Depo Provera Recommendations From Canada

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada recommended last week a new set of guidelines for physicians prescribing the birth-control injection Depo Provera. The recommendations include asking that doctors weigh heavily the benefits and potential risks of the drug before writing prescriptions.Research has confirmed that use of [Depo Provera] is associated with a decrease in…