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Massive Pet Food Recall is Overwhelming

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The pet food recall that includes over 90 brands of dog and cat food is becoming a bit overwhelming to pet owners as they try to figure out if they have purchased the recalled food. Menu Foods, the producer of the recalled pet food, has set up a hotline for concerned owners to call but it is usually busy.

Five days after the pet food recall, pet owners are still worried about giving their animals food that may be tainted. The manufacturer, “Menu Foods” has already recalled 60-million cans and pouches of wet food. And the recall now covers more than 91-brands, including names like Iams, Science Diet, and Eukanuba.

The FDA has confirmed that 14 animals have died after eating the food. They have not pin-pointed the exact cause of the contamination, but they believe it may be a wheat gluten used as a thickener. One lawsuit has already been filed from an Illinois woman who lost her cat.

You can visit http://www.menufoods.com/recall to find out if your pet food is on the list. The recalled food is wet “cuts and gravy” style food found in cans and foil packages. The pet food may cause kidney failure and death in dogs and cats.