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A university freshman died Tuesday morning after attending a fraternity party the night before. It is suspected that the death is alcohol-related. A coroner’s report is pending. The Central California university has suspended the fraternity chapter. The young man is one of a continuing list of those whose deaths are linked to hazing or fraternity parties. All national fraternity bodies have voiced a strong position on the issue of alcohol abuse. A national hazing hotline has been established to help stop that practice. Major universities find themselves in a somewhat awkward position on the issue of alcohol consumption. Beer ads support televised college sports. That revenue finds it way back to the universities in large numbers. Some have called for the ban of such ads. It is a contentious issue with no shortage of opinions and thoughts. Even Science in the Public Interest has weighed in. Whether it be an alcohol-related accident –drunk driver or otherwise– or over consumption at a party, alcohol-related deaths and injuries are, for now, here to stay. One novel program which promotes awareness on the part of young drinkers and deserves consideration was developed at Robins Air Force Base. Through a simple multi-step approach it causes anyone who has read about the program to assess and reassess risk when alcohol is present almost by default. Read the link. Stay safe this holiday season.

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